Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Annual Training Camp Trip Approaches

One week from tonight, I'll be in San Antonio for the annual training camp trip with the guys. For some inexplicable reason, we think it's necessary every year to make a pilgimage to Cowboy training camp and judge for ourselves whether the rookie free agents really have what it takes to become the next Tony Romo or Miles Austin. And other stuff.

This year, instead of enjoying the comfort of a soft hotel bed and hanging out with the Cowboy defensive line in the lobby bar, we'll probably be sleeping on the cold hard floor of my friend Dave's house, getting licked by his dogs, and wondering why he had to "suddenly" take off for Laredo for a deposition/conference/meeting/circus while leaving us at the house with his wife, young daughter and Guillermo del Toro. I kid because I love, remember that Dave.

Notwithstanding the foregoing (that's for Thomas who's starting law school in the fall) I'm looking forward to a great time and happy we haven't let the tradition die. We'll eat some bland food on the Riverwalk, we'll get our butts kicked in basketball at the Y, we'll say "Remember the time..." too many times, and we'll make fun of Dave some more. It will be just enough to fill the tank up until we all get together again.

The most important tradition we will follow this year, though, is our yearly Cowboy predictions. If I recall correctly, they usually entail at least:

Unexpected Cut...
Unexpected Guy Who Makes the Team...
Final 53-man roster prediction...

It's pretty nerdy, sure, and the second part of the tradition entails us not keeping track of our predictions, so I'm not sure what the point is, but it's what we do, or, as Ron Washington might say, "that's how annual training camp trip go." This time, I'll try to post my predictions when I get back for posterity. Don't hold your breath.

Rolando Super Taco, here we come!

BTW, Marc Columbo's following me now. Twitter account has arrived. Should I get verified or something? Welcome Marc.


Anonymous said...

What about photo journalism of homemade Cowboys jerseys. I always liked that part. Long live Tibbets!

DC Mama

Anonymous said...

What about the 2011 trip? August 4!

Anonymous said...

Update your Cowboys schedule! love the site!

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